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Book publications (2016-)

Pneuma and the Visual Arts in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity, (Art&Religion, 5), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

‘Locus Amoenus’ and the Sleeping Nymph. ‘Ekphrasis’, Silence and ‘Genius Loci’, (Studies in Iconology, 3), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

Nymph. Motif, Phantom, Affect. Part II. Aby Warburg’s (1866-1929) Butterflies as Art Historical Paradigms, (Studies in Iconology, 4), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

Kairos or Occasion as Paradigm in the Visual Medium. Nachleben, Iconography, Hermeneutics, (Studies in Iconology, 5), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

In Response to Echo. Beyond Mimesis or Dissolution as Scopic Regime (with Special Attention to Camouflage), (Studies in Iconology, 6), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

Revisiting Salome’s Dance in Medieval and Early Modern Iconology, (Studies in Iconology, 7), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2016.

About Stains or the Image as Residue, (Studies in Iconology, 10), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2017.

What about Enthusiasm? A Rehabilitation. Pentecost, Pygmalion, Pathosformel, (Studies in Iconology, 13), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2019.

Fragments, (Studies in Iconology, 14), Peeters: Leuven-Walpole, 2018. (a celebratory volume on the occasion of the Francqui Symposium 2018)

Interruptions & Transitions. Essays on the Senses in Medieval and early Modern Visual Culture, (Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 14), Brill: Leiden, 2018.

About Sieves and Sieving. Motif, Symbol, Technique, Paradigm, De Gruyter: Berlin, 2019.

De uil in de grot: Gesprekken met beelden, kunstenaars en schrijvers, Pelckmans Pro: Antwerpen, 2019.