La mission de la Fondation Francqui, créée en 1932 par Emile Francqui et Herbert Hoover, est de promouvoir l’excellence dans la recherche fondamentale désintéressée. [Lire plus]

We stimuleren hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijke vooruitgang in België door vooraanstaande wetenschappers te erkennen en belonen, door nationale en internationale interuniversitaire uitwisselingen te bevorderen, en door steun aan veelbelovende onderzoeksprojecten te verlenen. [Lees verder]

We do not profess any philosophical or political doctrine. By offering unwavering moral support to our scientists, we have a profound and lasting impact on the nation’s intellectual landscape, serving the public interest. [Read further]



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Communique de Presse Persbericht – Presse Release (23/05/2024)


Laureate 2024 

Exact Sciences – Applied Physics

Gewoon Hoogleraar, Vakgroep Toegepaste Fysica,
Centrum voor Moleculaire Modellering
Universiteit Gent


Her career, research and the jury report | FRNLEN



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By communicating through this platform we wish to connect with a broader audience, reinforcing our commitment to promote academic excellence and unselfish fundamental research.

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Francqui-Collen Prizes 2023

Left to right : Count Frédéric Francqui, Count Herman Van Rompuy (President of the Francqui Foundation),
Laureate Prof. Philippe Lemey,
King Philippe, Laureate Prof. Sarah-Maria Fendt
and Baron Mark Waer (Vice-President of the Francqui Foundation)


“Scientific research and development are the greatest investments in the future. […] The scientists we honor today are not only exceptional researchers but also demonstrate an ethical drive to do the right thing. We are all at the service of people’s health and well-being, at the service of the common good, the bonum commune. The Francqui-Collen Prize also serves this idea and this ideal.”

– Herman Van Rompuy, President of the Francqui Foundation (06/06/2023)



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