Article 1

The Francqui Foundation can invite Belgian or foreign scientists to stay with Belgian universities, in order to organize a teaching program and to participate in the scientific life of the Institution. The Board of Directors decides every year the amount of invited scientists.

Article 2

The allocations granted in this respect are named « Francqui Chairs », when it concerns the invitation of Belgian Scientists, selected to organize a teaching in a Belgian university, other than the one they are linked to.

Two or more Belgian Universities, legally constituted, can propose together the invitation of a foreign scientist. This last can then be the owner of a Chair named « International Francqui Professor ». One of the inviting universities takes care of the administratives aspects of this invitation and is called « host institution ».

Article 3

The Francqui Foundation invites the Universities to present, on time, motivated proposals.

Article 4

The Board of Directors designates the Chair’s owners.

Article 5

The subject of the teaching or the works is fixed by the owners of the Chairs, after prior agreement with the Institutions hosting them.

The courses have essentially as subject the presentation of researches of originals works, except for any professional teaching or vulgarization courses.

The owners of a Chair define the language chosen for the teaching they are in charge of.

The owner of the « International Francqui Professor » Chair is not expected to give a certain number of lectures or lessons. Nor is it intended to engage this person in mainstream education. It is expected that the chair of such a holder would contact the people who are occupied with his / her specialty at all Belgian Universities and who would meet regularly (« Class of Excellence”).

The task of the owner of the « International Francqui Professor » Chair includes:

1) an Inaugural Lecture;
2) active participation in the scientific program of the groups concerned;
3) a contribution to the formation of young scientists through contacts and seminars;
4) and a mini-final symposium (with the intervention of the Francqui Foundation).

Article 6

The duration of the teaching of a « Francqui Chair » cannot be shorter than a month.

The Chairs « International Francqui Professor » cover an uninterrupted  stay from 3 to 6 months, within one or more Universities. The owner of the Chair participates actively in the scientific life of the hosting universities.

Article 7

The Foundation determines the fees of the owners of the « International Francqui Professor » Chair.

The total budget allocated by the Foundation includes, among other things, fees capped at a maximum of 10,000 euros per month, travel expenses, contributions for rent, and expenses related to the colloquium.

The Belgian establishments of high teaching and research to which the owners of a « Francqui Chair » commit to maintain the benefit of their fees during the duration of the mandate given to them by the Foundation.

Article 8

The designated institutions in article 1 provide the owners of the Chairs, the location needed in order to achieve their mission and eventually to continue their personal researches.

They fix the conditions of attendance to the lessons and works and provide eventually the assiduity certificates to the  participants.

Article 9

The universities that organize together a « International Francqui Professor » chair, propose in a first step to the Francqui Foundation, a program for the stay  of the owner and a budget concerning this stay. This program must include un inter university teaching in the specialization of the owner. This last is moreover requested to organize during his stay, a inter university symposium in his scientific field. The Board of Directors approves this program and this budget as a condition to the awarding of this Chair.

Article 10

The foreign owners of the Chair stay, unless particular reasons, in the city where the Belgian university in charge of his stay is located. It can nevertheless be decided that this stay is shared between more than one cities where the concerned universities are located.

Article 11

At the end of the stay in Belgium, the owners of an «International Francqui Professor » chair send to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, a report on their teaching and their stay.



Article 12

For the application of this present regulation, unless what concerns the Laureate of the Francqui Prize, who has to be of Belgian nationality, are assimilated to Belgian the persons of foreign nationality, involved in a regular charge in a Belgian establishment of high teaching or research since at least five years.

Article 13

The Board of Directors can discretionarily grant an amount for any object related to the development of high teaching or scientific research in Belgium.

Article 14

New activities can be organized by the Board of Directors, in the continuity of the objectives of the Francqui Foundation, without modification to the present rules.