Lieven VANDELANOTTE – UNamur – Sciences humaines – Grammar and use of speech and thought representation and viewpoint constructions across text and image.

Sonja HOHLOCH – UAntwerpen – Sciences exactes – Fundamental Mathematics. Classifications of integrable Hamiltonian systems-Singularities & bifurcations of integrable Hamiltonian systems-Symplectic dynamics.

Emilie VAN HAUTE – ULB – Sciences humaines – Political Parties : Roots or Remedies to Polarization ? Democracy-Elections-Polarization-Political parties-Political participation-Representation-Public opinion-Deliberation-Public policies-Institution.

Valeria PULIGNANO – KULeuven – Sciences humaines : Sociology of work and employment-Economic sociology-Employment(industrial) relations-labour markets-comparative research-mixed methods-macro-micro approach-precarious work-digital technology-unpaid work.


Dominique VAN DER STRAETEN (Collen-Francqui) – UGent –  Understanding at the molecular and physiological level, plant responses to global climate change.  Analysis of the plant reaction to the hormone ethylene.

Koen VANDEWAL – UHasselt – Carbon-based organic semi-conductors.  Given these remarkable achievements.

Bart ROELANDS (Collen-Francqui) – VUB – Studying the biological, neurological and physiological aspects of human fatigue.

Laure BINDELS (Collen-Francqui) UCLouvain – Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, Louvain Drug Research Institute – Harnessing the gut bacterial metabolism to tackle cancer cachexia.


Stefaan WALGRAVE – UAntwerpen – Research about political participation and social movements, political communication, elections and public opinion.

Ann HEYLIGHEN – KULeuven – Architectural design/architectural engineering.

Denis BONHEURE – ULB – Solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations, symmetry or symmetry-breaking, stability, asymptotic regimes: non-linear Schroedinger equation, Keller-Segel system.

Christophe COLLETTE – ULg – Precision Mechatronics Laboratory.


Nicolas GILLIS – UMons – Mathematics – Applied Mathematics « approximation de rang faible de matrices avec application aux Big Data »

Damien DEBECKER (Collen-Francqui) – UCLouvain – Faculty of Bio-Engineering, Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences – « développer des biocatalyseurs hétérogènes innovants et performants »

Lieve VAN DEN BLOCK (Collen-Francqui) – VUB vakgroep observerende klinische wetenschappen – End-of-Life Care Research Group – Palliative and end-of-live care in an aging society : unaddressed challenges.

Dirk HEIRBAUT – UGent, Dept. of Interdisciplinary study of law and business law – Faculty of Law and Criminology – Comparative history of codification from the middle ages to contemporary legal history.


Mikhail KISSINE – ULB – Theoretical and experimental Linguistics 

Bert MAES (Collen-Francqui) – UA – Heterocyclic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis-Direct Carbon-Hydrogen Func-tionalization Processes, with applications to sustainable methods for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (e.g. anti-cancer medicine from wood).

Séverine VERMEIRE (Collen-Francqui) – KULeuven – Genetics of IBD-identification of key mutations in Crohn disease-Clinical therapies for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis-Microbiome as new therapeutic agent.

Gaëtan KERSCHEN – ULg – Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.


Ann NOWE – VUB – Computer Science Dept. Fac.of Sciences & BioEngineering Sciences – Fac. of Applied Sciences

Giovanni Battista PALUMBO – UNamur – Langues et littératures françaises et romanes

Linos VANDEKERCKHOVE (Collen-Francqui) – UGent – Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Anthony PAPAVASILIOU – UCLouvain – Mathematical Engineering


Davy PANDAVEINE – ULB – Statistique Mathématique-time series problems-application to Finance

Sara BALS – UA – Physics – Discrete Electron Microscopy at a nanoscopic sale – Inaugural Lecture March 14, 2018 – Electron tomography : a 3D view into the world of atoms 

Liesbet Laura Jo GERIS (Collen-Francqui) – ULg – Biomechanics – Mathematical Modeling of bone regeneration

Jan MICHIELS (Collen-Francqui) – KULeuven – Bio-engineering – Molecular principles of bacterial survival – Regulation of nitrogen fixation schemes


Thierry BRASPENNING BALZACQ – UNamur – Science politique et relations internationales

Frank DE PROFT – VUB – Chemistry – Symposium in honor of Professor Roald Hoffmann, Brussels May 28, 208

Jean Christophe CHARLIER – UCLouvain – Nanostructure de carbone, nanotubes, techniques de simulation numérique

Dirk VERSCHUREN – UGent – Biology


Jean-François RASKIN – ULB – Informatique

Jan BEYERS – UA – Political Science – Inaugural Lecture April 14, 2016 – Studying interest representation in the 21st century: why and how?

Gerd VAN RIEL –  KULeuven – Philosophy

Benjamin RUBBERS – ULg – Anthropoligie & Histoire


Jan STEYAERT – VUB – Bio-engineering sciences

Patrick HEYMANS – FUNDP – Ingénierie du logiciel

Els VAN DAMME –  UGent – Molecular Biotechnology

David DE LA CROIX – UCLouvain – Economie


Annemie BOGAERTS – UA – Chimie des plasmas, micro-electronique, nanotechnologie – Inaugural Lecture 2014, February 13 – Modelleren van plasma’s Fundamenteel onderzoek voor betere toepassingen

Emmanuelle JAVAUX – ULg – Evolution of life in the Precambrian and implications for astrobiology

Stephan S. SWINNEN – KULeuven – Neuromotorische controle en interdisciplinaire benadering hiervan

Philippe PEIGNEUX – ULB – Psychology and Education


Sami ZEMNI – UGent – Political comparative study of Islamism

Anne WINTER – VUB – Migration and adaptation in urban transition

Benoît CHAMPAGNE – FUNDP – Chemistry of Polymers

Fabio MALTONI – UCLouvain – Experimental high energy physics


Yves GEERTS – ULB – Laboratoire de chimie des polymères (Chimie des matériaux)

Frank SOBOTT – Honorary Member Oxford Glycobiology Institute – Mass Spectrometry, Structural Biology of Enzymes, Biochemistry

Philippe GHOSEZ – ULg – Physique théorique des Matériaux (Physique de la matière condensée)

Luc DE MEESTER – KUL – Dierenecologie en- systematiek, Aquatische Ecologie en Evolutiebiologie
– KUL – Archaelogy – Sagalossos project


Jean BOURGEOIS – UGent – Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte – Vakgroep Archeologie

François CHAUMONT – UCL – Faculté des Sciences – Institut des Science de la Vie


Patrik VERSTREKEN – KUL – Dept. of molecular and developmental genetics to KUL Afdeling Ontwikkelings- en moleculaire genetica.

Daniel KOSOV – ULB – Dept. of Physics and Center for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems to ULB Faculté des Sciences.

Dana SAMSON – UCL – Univ. of Nottingham – School of Psychology to UCL


Ilse ROOMAN – Free University of Brussles (Flemish) – Faculty Medicine & Farmacy – Biological & Medical Sciences : Cell Plasticy of adult pancreatic epithelium in regeneration and disease to VUB

Gilles POURTOIS – Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva – Human Sciences : Psychologie to UGent

Eric BULLINGER– University of Stratchclyde, Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Sciences Exactes : Biological systems to ULg, Faculty of applied Sciences  

Michele GIUGLIANO – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Brain Mind Institute Biological & Medical Sciences : Computational Neuroscience to UA, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences