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Titulars – Intercommunity

(Since 2013, no mandates will be granted)

In October 2006, it was decided to grant four mandates of postdoctoral intercommunity scientific collaborators, of a six months duration. 

These mandates are of six months duration, and can be granted to young Belgian researchers.  These mandates are intercommunitary, in this meaning that they will be carried out in a University whose linguistic statute is different from that of the person involved.  A candidate is supposed to have the linguistic statute of the University where he/she obtained his/her end diploma or the linguistic statute of the University which occupies him/her at the time of the request for the granting of such a mandate.



Magaly RODRIGUEZ GARCIA VUB – Human Sciences –  Law & trade unions – to ULB – Centre de Recherche Mondes Modernes & Contemporains – Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres

Charles Hachez  – UCLouvain – Biological & Medical Sciences – Plant physiology – to UGent – dept Plants Systems Biology


Mark DIERCKXENS – ULB – Exact Sciences – Physique des particules élémentaires – to UGent – Valgroep Fysica en Sterrenkunde

Sophie DE BUYL ULB – Exact Sciences – to VUB – Theoretical physics (TENA)

Valérie STIENON ULg – Human Sciences – Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres – to KUL – Moderne Franse literatuur

Emilie CAUËT ULB – Biological & Medical Sciences & Exact Sciences – Chimie quantique et photophysique – vers la VUB – Algemene chemie


Anne-François MORELUgent – Human Sciences – Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Architecture and Urban Planning – to UCL – Centre d’analyse culturelle de la première modernité (GEMCA)

Min REUCHAMPS ULg – Human Sciences – Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique – to  VUB – Political Sciences

Paschalis TSIAFLAKIS KUL – Exact Sciences – Dept. of Electrical Engineering, ESAT/SCD – to UCL (CORE)

Sofie VANDEWOESTIJNE UCL – Biological & Medical Sciences – to KUL – Lab. voor diversiteit en systematiek van dieren (LDSD)


Tom VAN LOYKUL – Biological & Medical Sciences – Biology Dept. – Zoological Institute, Animal Physiology and Neurobiology to ULB – Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Biologie Humaine et Moléculaire, faculté de Médecine. 

Hadrien MELOTUMH – Exact Sciences – Faculty of Science to UGent – Vakgroep ToegepasteWiskunde en informatica.

Barbara TRUFFINULB – Human Sciences – Centre de droit comparé, d’histoire du droit et d’anthropologie juridique to KUL

Françoise BRUYEREULg – Biological & Medical Sciences – Laboratory of Tumor and Developmental Biology to (VIB)


Anouk DEBRAUWERE – Free University of Brussels(Flemish- – Exact Sciences to the Catholic University of Louvain

Benoît MULS – Catholic University of Louvain – Faculty of Sciences Dept. Chemistry – Exact Sciences to the Catholic University of Leuven – Dept. Chemistry

Eve SEUNTJES – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Biological & Medical Sciences to the Catholic University of Louvain – Unité de Génétique du développement

Alexis WILKIN – Université de Liège – Histoire du Moyen Age – Human Sciences to the Gent University – Vakgroep Middeleeuwse geschiedenis


Emilie VAN HAUTE – Free University of Brussels (French) – Human science to the University of Antwerp – Dept Political science
Ignace LORIS – Free University of Brussels (Flemish) – Exact science to the Free University of Brussels (French) – Dept. Mechanics and applied mathematics

Renaud RONSSE – University of Liège – Biological & medical science to the Catholic University of Leuven – Laboratory of « Contrôle moteur »

Gudrun RAWOENS – University of Gent – Human science to the Catholic University of Louvain – Faculty of Philosophy and Literature