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The Francqui Foundation considers the organization of a certain number (four) of Mandates of Intercommunity Scientific Postdoctoral Collaborators.

These are mandates of six months duration, which can be granted to young Belgian researchers.  These mandates are intercommunitary, in this way that they will be carried out in a University of linguistic statute different from that of the person proposed.  A candidate is expected that have the linguistic statute of the University where it obtained his/her end  diploma or the linguistic statute of the University which occupies him/her at the time of the request for granting of such a mandate.

This request is formulated by the Rector of the University in which the mandate would take place, in agreement with the Rector of the University which currently occupies the candidate, or that where him/her diploma of end of study (doctorate) would have been obtained.

The “applicant” University will function as host Institution and will deal with all the administrative aspects of this mandate.

The proposal for such a mandate is supported by a proposal budget.  It takes into account:

– The scale, which he/she currently enjoy, including the application of the social laws.
– An equitable compensation for travel or moving expenses.
– An working allowance which will not exceed 5.000 €.  This part of the budget is to be justified.

A total outline of the framework and scientific field in which they will work will be also added to the file.

* * * 

At the end of this mandate, a final report is expected.


Deadline of introduction of the files: May 15