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(stoppage – A new organization of these mandates will be communicated later)


The persons concerned should have obtained their doctorate (doctorate
or Ph.D) and  be either non Belgian scientists not having worked in Belgian Institutions during the five last years, or of Belgians not having any connection with a Belgian Institution (for example: because of their residence abroad).

The proposed mandates would cover a one year period and could be renewed.

The Francqui Foundation shall propose a mandate to each of the eight Universities to which we propose Francqui Chairs in a regular way (*).  It would be to the Rectors to define their priorities.

We would ask each University concerned to transmit us the following data, with their proposal :

– Cost of the wages before taxes (estimated at € 30.000 or € 35.000)
– Operating expenses (justified) reaching a maximum with € 20.000
– Additional expenses for example, travelling expenses of the candidate.

It would also be requested from the Universities to transmit the following data to us:

– Name of the candidate – current address and curriculum vitae including the  date of birth.
– Date of the doctorate, Institution which delivered it and title of the essay.
– Department or laboratory of reception.
– Date of entrance and also starting date.
– Proposal for a budget taking account of the data stated higher.

It would be requested from the agent to introduce him/herself or to give the information necessary for a personal contact as of its arrival.

* * *

At the end of the mandate a report would be requested mentioning more specifically the course of the scientific activities and the publications.

Deadline for introduction of the files: December 15


(*) Catholic University of Leuven, Free University of Brussels, Catholic University of Louvain, University of Liège, Free University of Brussels (Flemish), Antwerp University and Universitary Faculties Notre-Dame de la Paix of Namur.