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Mandates of Francqui Professorships

(Deadline May 15)


The Francqui Foundation grants a mandate from Francqui Research Professor at the University for a period of 3 years, a period of 2 years, followed by a third year after approval by the Foundation during the course of the mandate. With this mandate, the Foundation gives the opportunity to a professor or a young researcher to dedicate himself to the research, with a reduced teaching assignment.

1. The mandate is aimed at researchers, for whom a reduction of the teaching assignment represents added value for the university of the candidate; it is aimed, in particular, at professors or young researchers of an exceptionally high level, whose research is part of a current and interesting field of research and whose scientific and international influence contributes to an elevated standing of the Institution

2. The holder remains attached to his Institution. The Foundation pays the costs of a deputy for the teaching assignment, with a maximum of 40.000 euros per year. At the start of the mandate, the Foundation asks a concrete proposal of how the mandate and the teaching assignment will be completed. The amounts will be paid annually to the University on the basis of the actual expenses. The mandate is accompanied by a research allowance of 5.000 euros per year for the titular. This amount will be transferred at the beginning of each academic year

3. The laureate bears the title of Francqui Research Professor (Francqui Research Professor) for the duration of his mandate

4. In the spring of this academic year and at the latest on 15 May, the candidate (or candidates) selected by the research council, in consultation with the Managing Director, will be nominated to the Francqui Foundation. The file must contain a clear motivation, foreign reference letters and opinions from experts. If the University submits several files, the Foundation will make its own choice. The file, retained by the Foundation, will then be submitted for appointment by the Rector of the University

The Francqui Foundation reserves the right not to fill in the mandate if the file does not meet the strict quality criteria. The Foundation will also proceed to an interim evaluation of the Francqui Research Professor in the course of his mandate. Therefore, the titular is asked to have a concise interim report to the Foundation in January 2023 with a description of his scientific activities. At the end of his mandate, the titular will let us make a complete report

In addition to submitting the file to the Francqui Foundation, an electronic version must also be sent.

These applications are submitted via the enclosed form : Application form