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Mandates of Francqui Professorships

The Francqui Foundation will sponsor several Francqui Professorships (or Francqui Assistant Professorships) at Belgian Universities for a period of three years, possibly renewable once.

 The Foundation will cover half the cost of the Chair, the other half being financed by the University.  The position comes with a Francqui research grant of 40.000 euros.  The Chairs must play the role, within the university, of a “tenure track” position.

  1. The position is intended to attract young promising candidates, whose research is novel and exceptional and whose field of research belongs to an important and current scientific area.  The candidate must be able to develop an important research activity of his own within an existent research institute or must develop a high level activity in an interdisciplinary research area.  The Chair has been designed to attract top researchers, whose appointment is highly desirable for the University and whose presence enhances the worldwide visibility of the University. The researcher should in principle be able to join the regular ranks of the university at the end of his tenure, after an evaluation by an ad hoc committee, as is done for other “tenure track” positions.
  2. The Laureate carries the title of Francqui (Assistant) Professor for the duration of this mandate.  The exact title is left at the discretion of the University.
  3. The Francqui (Assistant) Professor has a limited amount of teaching, and only at the master/doctoral level.
  4. The Francqui Chair is in principle reserved for researchers not having done their doctorate in the institution, unless they already have held a position in another institution.  Exceptionally, the mandate can be given to a researcher as an incentive for him to remain in the institution.
  5. During the spring of the current year and at latest on the 15th of May, the research council of the University receiving the endowed chair must present, based on a careful selection, the two best candidates to the Foundation, among which the Francqui Foundation will make a further selection.  The selected candidate will then be submitted to the University for formal approval by the Board of the University.
  6. The Francqui Foundation retains the right not to grant the Professorship.

(deadline May, 15)