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International Francqui Professor


Each year, the Francqui Foundation awards a few International Francqui Professor of Chairs, which should allow the stay of a foreign scientist in Belgium for an uninterrupted period of three to six months. The distribution of these three chairs is as follows : one for the Exact Sciences, one for the Human Sciences and one for the Biological and Medical Sciences.

Applications must be submitted by at least two Belgian Universities, one of which (« Host Institution ») is responsible for the practical and administrative aspects.

The selection of these Chairs is done by the Board of Directors of the Francqui Foundation. Proposals are therefore expected before May 15th of each year, so that the Foundation’s decision can be communicated before the start of summer leave. Once awarded, these Chairs must be completed during one of the two following Academic Years.

The International Francqui Professor Chair is aimed at researchers of a very high level and with a world reputation. The interuniversity character must also be unambiguously described in the file. The purpose of this Chair is to invite professors who would not come to Belgium in other circumstances. Therefore, files from persons from neighboring countries or those already residing in the country will under no circumstances be treated as a priority. As the number of chairs awarded is limited, a selection becomes inevitable.

The holder of an International Francqui Professor Chair is not expected to give a certain number of lectures or lessons. Nor is it intended to engage this person in mainstream education. It is expected that the chair of such a holder would contact the people who are occupied with his / her specialty at all Belgian Universities and who would meet regularly (« Class of Excellence”).

The task of the professor of the International Francqui Professor Chair includes:

1) an Inaugural Lecture;
2) active participation in the scientific program of the groups concerned;
3) a contribution to the formation of young scientists through contacts and seminars;
4) and a mini-final symposium (with the intervention of the Francqui Foundation).

The Francqui medal will be handed to the titular of the International Francqui Professor Chair.

At the end of such a mandate, a report and a final statement are expected, after which the balance of the allocated budget is settled.


File a submission

The deadline for applications to the Francqui Foundation is May 15.

These applications are submitted via the enclosed forms:

1) Filled in and signed application form;

2) the candidate’s curriculum vitae;

3) and a Budget proposal.

In addition to submitting  a hard copy of the application to the Francqui Foundation, an electronic version must also be sent.