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Francqui Fellowships


Grants of the Francqui Foundation « Francqui Fellowship »

The Belgian American Education Foundation, Inc. « BAEF » is also created by Emile Francqui. The Francqui Foundation works together with the BAEF in its program of grants for young Belgians who wish to complete their education at an American University. The Francqui Foundation provides the necessary funds to make it possible for Belgians, chosen from among the most promising candidates selected by the BAEF, to stay for one year in the United States.


Information and requests

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(Collen-)Francqui Fellows

Kindly find below the most recent grant holders selected from de Francqui Foundation.
The complete list of Francqui Fellows can be requested by mail.



Corneel CASERT
Postdoctoral research :  Learning-based control of self-assembly
Doctor of Science : Physics – UGent – to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory –
Theory of Nanostructured Materials at the Molecular Foundry – Prof. Stephen Whitelam.

Postdoctoral research : Wireless Optical Communication for smart cities – UMons –
to University of Illinois, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Prof. Lin Cai.

Marine MOEREMANS (Collen-Francqui)
Postdoctoral research :  Pediatric Radiology-Photon-counting Thoracic – ULB –
to Standford University, Dept. Pediatric Radiology, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital – Prof. dr Erika Rubesova, MD.

Postdoctoral research: Study a new world of weather and climate extremes – KULeuven –
to M.I.T., Dept. Of Civil and Environmental Engineering – Prof. Michael F. Howard.


Postdoctoral research :  Physics-informed machine learning tools for SHM (Structural Health Monitoring)
Civil Engineering – ULg – to University of Notre Dame, Illinois – NatHaz Modeling Laboratory – Prof Ashan Kareem

Postdoctoral research : Patient agency in Belgium and the USA, 1890s-1960s – KULeuven – to Johns Hopkins University, Dept of the History of Medicine – Prof. Jeremy A. Greene, supervisor Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien.

Postdoctoral research :  in theoretical physics : Spontaneous symmetry breaking in physics- ULB – to Columbia University, High Energy Theory Group – Prof. Alberto Nicolis.

Postdoctoral research : Topological phases of matter and criticality – UGent – to Caltech, Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy : Condensed Matter Physics – Prof. Xie Chen.


Pierre FOIDART (Collen-Francqui Fellow) – Postdoctoral research :  Aneuploidy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: resistance, immunosensitivity – ULg – to Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Department of medical oncology, Polyak Laboratory for Breast Cancer Research – Prof. Kornelia Polyak.

Thomas GOOSSENS – Postdoctoral research : Simulating thin-film filters for spectral imaging – KULeuven – to Stanford University, Psychology Dept, Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging – Prof Brian Wandell.

Reda TIANI – Postdoctoral research :  Dissipative structures in non-ideal environments – ULB – to  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Center for Soft Matter and Biological Physics – Prof Uwe C. Täuber.

Laurien VANDEWALLE – Postdoctoral research: CFD-DEM – Computational Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Element Method modelling of catalytic reactors UGent – to  Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering Department, the NaNo Energy Laboratory – Prof. Hai Wang.