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The Francqui Prize is awarded every year to a scientist, active in Belgium, who has made a significant contribution to science, the impact of which has added to the prestige of Belgium. He or she must be under the age of 50 and have a position at a Belgian academic institution or equivalent*.

 Researchers, who do not have the Belgian nationality, can be presented to next year’s Francqui Prize under the following conditions :

  1.  They must be employed by a Belgian university (or equivalent*) since at least 10 years and must have a permanent position at the time of the presentation.
  2. The Francqui Prize is a recognition of the scientific excellence of the Laureate, with the purpose of supporting his further research.  Therefore the sponsors will give some indications about the integration and the future of the candidate within the Belgian Scientific Community.

(* ) FNRS, FWO, VIB,…….

 The Prize consists of a sum of 250.000 Euro (to date).  It cannot be split, but may exceptionally be bestowed jointly to two or more persons who have collaborated in a single scientific project.

The Francqui Prize is awarded every year, in the following three-year rotation of subjects :

Exact Sciences
Human Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences

A candidate proposed for the Francqui Prize, may not be proposed again before a period of three years has elapsed.

Candidates for the Francqui Prize may be proposed by, either :

  • Two members of one of the Royal academies of Belgium, signing jointly

  • or a former recipient of the Francqui Prize

Self-proposals are not taken into consideration.

The Francqui Prize may not be awarded more than once to the same person.

The Francqui Prize is awarded by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. However, the Board may use all suitable means of informations concerning the candidates.  To this effect, it forms a Jury, wich reports to the Board.

This Jury is composed exclusively of scientific personalities of non-Belgian nationality.  Care is being taken that two Jury-members at least are especially familiar with the scientific discipline of each candidate.

All activities concerning the selection of the winner of the Francqui Prize are highly confidential. The Jury establishes a final report for the Board of Directors, mentioning only the name of the Laureate of the Francqui Prize and the motivation of its conclusion.  This report is made public and transmitted to the Press, after its approval by the Board of Directors.  This is done at the latest during the month of July of the current year.

Further details can be found on the French and Flemish websites.