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Rules Francqui Chairs

The Francqui Foundation can invite Belgian or non-Belgian scientists for stays at Belgian universities, where they should participate in the scientific life and provide specialized teaching.

These intiatives are called « Francqui Chairs ».  When they concern Belgian scientist, the term « Francqui Chair » is applied.  These cover a period of not less than one month.

Two or more Belgian universities may propose jointly that a foreign scientist be invited to Belgium.  This person is the provided with an « International Francqui Professor ChairOne of the inviting universities is chosen to handle the administrative procedure of this invitation, as the « Host Institution ».  The Chairs cover an uninterrupted stay of the invited scientist at the host universities, for a period of three or six months.

Proposal for Francqui Chairs originate from universities, which are invited to make submissions at regular intervals.  The attribution of the Chairs is the privilege of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.


  • The Board of Directors may at is own discretion give subsidies for initiatives involving higher education and scientific research in Belgium.

  • Except, for the recipient of the Francqui Prize, who must be a Belgian national, non-Belgians attached regularly to a Belgian Institution for at least five years, are considered as equivalent to Belgian nationals.