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Francqui Chairs


On proposal of the Universities, the Francqui Foundation attributes each year some « Francqui Chairs ». These are created to invite a Professor of another Belgian University, to teach ten hours. These hours are not considered as part of the program but more as a complement.

The Universities themselves invite the owner of a Francqui Chair. The Francqui Foundation pays to the owner of such a Chair, fees for the ten teaching hours.

It is foreseen that the lessons should be given during the academic year. These Chairs cannot be postponed till the next academic year.

Internationalization of the Francqui Chair

Two Chairs are awarded to each complete University of our country.  The Board of Directors decided recently (7th February 2008) that one, and only one of  those both Chairs could  be awarded to a foreign personality (attached to an foreign Institution, but preferably European for practical reasons).

There is no limit in the time to introduce appplications for the Francqui Chairs. In order to allow an smooth proceeding of these Chairs, it is nevertheless strongly advised to introduce the applications for an academic year before the beginning of this last, thus preferably on 1st October.

* * *

A limited number of Chairs is foreseen for University Institutions which are not Complete Universities. The Institution can benefit from a Francqui Chair as long as the quorum of chairs is not exceeded. This chair can be awarded to a foreign personality (linked to a foreign institution, preferably European for practical reasons). As it is necessary in this case to make a selection, the ultimate date to introduce these applications is 15th September.

* * *

The Francqui Chair, as before, represents ten hours teaching, comprising the inaugural lesson. These hours can be distributed at your best convenience.

The fees for each owner of a Chair amount 6.000 €. For Belgian, fees are paid directly to the owner of the Chair : a prepayment of 37.35 % will be withheld and paid by our services to the Ministry of Finance. The secretariat must receive for that purpose the private address of the owner and his bank account number (with the name  in which the account is opened, should this last differ from the name of the Chair Owner), as well as his « national number ».

The fees of the foreign personalities (6.000 €) will be  paid to the institution, which will proceed with the payment on the owner’s account. No costs can be taken by the Institution and no contribution is foreseen to cover the other expenses.
Are requested for the application


  1. Full curriculum vitae – date and place of birth of the candidate.
  2. A list of publications

These applications will be sent to the Francqui Foundation in hard copy and electronically.